• Owner: Gaza Community Mental Health Program GCMHP
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2017-2017
  • Type of Services:

    The main objective of this consultancy is to assess GCMHP compliance with AlWafa report recommendations and achievements regarding benchmarks and roadmap plan. The review is also expected to provide GCMHP and its consortium of donors with lessons learned and make recommendations for the preparation of the next Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

    As this assignment is a step forward towards building systems for GCMHP, therefore, the consultant’s team upon carrying out the assignment will adopt an approach that will maintain the client’s continuous involvement in the process. The consultancy will include quantitative and qualitative components. Analysis of collected data against existing documents to be elaborated to first a draft review report and secondly a final review report to be available for the GCMHP and its donors.

    With regard to outputs, the ToR stipulates that the consultant conducts the following tasks:

    • Assessment of compliance with AlWafa Assessment of Financial Management and Internal Control System July, November, 2012 and follow up travel report May, 2013. This includes compliance with the following:
      • Prompt Specific Action Required: Internal audit function, time sheets, accounting manual, inventory management, accounting system and GCMHP centers.
      • Desirable Specific Remedial Actions: Bank reconciliation, financial reporting and salary scale.
    • Assessment of the compliance with needed actions and recommendations in the GCMHP roadmap plan document as reflected in the agreed upon benchmarks:
      • Address outstanding management and financial issues for the year 2014.
      • Organizational Restructuring.
      • Organizational Development including:
        • Developing Research Policy
        • Initiation of Quality Assurance and MIS
        • Gender Mainstreaming Policy
        • Implementation of Task Shifting
      • Recommendations and lessons learnt for improvements for future strategic orientation and activities of GCMHP.

    The following general activities will be implemented:

    • Desk review of background materials and documents, narrative and financial reports, strategic plan, annual plans, log frames and budgets, and other relevant materials produced by GCMHP including its Annual Reports, etc.)
    • Meetings with different parties “GCMHP board, management, and selected staff. – etc.”
    • Focus group discussions/ individual interviews with the staff.
    • De-briefing session with the GCMHP management with the completion of the task.
  • Note: