• Owner: CMWU
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2008-2009
  • Type of Services:

    The consultancy assignment intended to provide a structured development approach for CMWU and for a successful implementation of the CMWU municipal staff and municipal system transfer plan. The consultancy tasks covered the Regional Offices as well as Head Office through: .

    1. Introducing and enhancing a results-based new organizational culture.
    2. Introducing and promoting new duties and responsibilities identified in the CMWU’s new organizational structure, and promoting adherence to them.
    3. Introducing and promoting new lines of command developed in the CMWU’s new organizational structure.
    4. Exercising managerial control over technical departments within the regional offices.
    5. Facilitating the completion of staff transfer to the regional offices.
    6. Responding to immediate needs, which will enable CMWU to continue to perform its functions.
    7. Enhancing corporate governance of the CMWU.
    8. Enabling CMWU to issue its own bills.
    9. Enabling CMWU to pay its staff, using its own payroll system.
    10. Developing a framework that enables CMWU staff to adopt a results-based new organizational structure.

    Submittals delivered under this consulting assignment included the following :

    1. Organizational Support – Organizational Structure.
    2. Job Descriptions for the Head and Regional Offices.
    3. Seven Training Programs (Management Skills, Strategic Planning, Human Resources Management, Change Management, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Report Writing Skills, and General Financial Management skills)
    4. Adapted Administrative and Financial Procedures.
    5. Staff Appraisal System.
    6. Technical Reporting System.
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