• Owner: CMWU
  • Location: Khanyounis
  • Duration: 2013-2014
  • Type of Services:

    The main aim of the project is to rectifying Al Amal lagoon to be a retention pond and infiltration basin at wet season and a recreational area in the dry season, in addition to eliminate any sewage connection to the storm water network in KhanYounis. The assignment contained the following :

    • Complete construction of the storm water line 1.0 m diameter and 100 meter length
    • Construction of retention and infiltration basins within Al-Amal lagoon, the work should include either replacement of soil or bore holes based on the geotechnical investigation in the infiltration basin and the least cost technical solution.
    • Completely convert 100 donoms of the lagoon area to a recreational area with landscaping that includes grassed playground, Kids entertainment, cafeteria, service building, parking, gates, entrances, side supports, grown trees, walkway, seats … etc.
    • Construction of water well for irrigation system in the dry season.
    • Construction of storm water pump station and complete existing pressure line to pump the access storm water to the proposed infiltration basin near KhanYounis WWTP as overflow disposal.
    • Construct infiltration basin near WWTP including fencing and gate.
    • Infrastructure works for the area including irrigation system, water supply, wastewater network, electrical lighting.
  • Note: