• Owner: CMWU
  • Location: Gaza strip
  • Duration: 2017-2017
  • Type of Services:

    This project is to integrate and compile what has been carried out so far and to take into consideration the actual needs of targeted areas in terms of water and wastewater facilities, in addition to prepare complete design for the system components.

    The project comprises the design of collection system of Kerbit Al Adas and Al Forkan areas, design of Aslan storm water pond, prepare sewage master plan for Wadi Al Salqa and updating storm water master plan for Khanyouis city in addition to design of one pumping station and reviewing another one with pressure lines. The following are the main activities of the consultancy work:

    • Design of Wastewater Network at Kerbit Al Adas Area-Rafah and revise the existing design of the SPS.
    • Design of Wastewater Network, Pumping Station and Pressure Line at Al Forkan Area – Rafah.
    • Design of Aslan Storm Water Pond- Beit Lahia.
    • Prepare Sewage Master Plan for Wadia Al Salqa Municipal Area.
    • Updating the Old Master Plan of Storm Water System At Khan Younis City.
  • Note: