• Owner: Municipality of Gaza
  • Location: Gaza
  • Duration: 2006-2006
  • Type of Services:

    Consultancy Objectives

    To provide MOG with an independent assessment in terms of technical, procedural, contractual and financial aspects of :

    • The quality of realization and the efficiency of the execution of works and interventions carried out in the framework of the project.
    • The respect of fair and transparent contractual and financial management practices.

    Tasks conducted by the Consultant

    • Review and assessment of
    • Procedural Aspects
    • Technical Aspects
    • Contractual Aspects
    • Financial Aspects
    • Conduct Social and Economic Audits
    • Reporting: submit a report after each auditing mission, and a final report.

    The project included the following areas :

    The western Nasser (1,825,000 Eu), Turkman (305,000 Eu), Al Qubba Park (115,600 Eu), The western Tuffah (1,114,000 Eu), The eastern Tuffah (651,000 Eu), Al Zaitoon (995,000 Eu), Ejdydah (710,000 Eu), Part of Said El Ass, Khaled Al Hassn and Ezzeden Al Qassam Streets (765,000 Eu), Additional part of Ezzeden Al Qassam street (380,000 EU)

  • Note: