• Owner: GEDCO
  • Location: Gaza strip
  • Duration: 2021-2021
  • Type of Services:

    The project is the headquarters of the Electricity Distribution Company in the Gaza governorates, and the company is implementing the project by offering tenders to local consulting offices.

    The project is located in the lands of Gaza City, the Southern Rimal neighborhood, and it is under the jurisdiction of the Gaza Municipality over

    Project Description:

    Establishing the company’s main headquarters consisting of a basement, ground and seven floors, as permitted by the Municipality of Gaza, on an area of ​​550 square meters for each floor, other than the ground floor

    Work area:

    The work includes conducting the necessary studies, preparing engineering designs and bid documents, and completing the necessary administrative and technical procedures to start implementation, which includes:

    • The basement, which is car parks and services.·
    •  The first floor is for the company’s departments.·
    • The second floor is for the company’s departments.·
    •  The third floor is for the company’s departments.·
    • The fourth floor is for the company’s departments.·
    • Fifth floor, general manager of the company and accompanying units·
    • Sixth, floor the company’s board of directors and the accompanying units.·
    • In addition to allocating a place as a prayer hall and a cafeteria.·
    • Implementation of infrastructure works (car parks – water networks – sewage networks – electricity networks – computer and communication networks)
  • Note: