• Owner: UNDP/PAPP with coordination with CMWU
  • Location: Beit Hanoun Area in Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2007-2007
  • Type of Services:

    The project objective is to provide detail design of the proposed water facilites in Beit Hanoun Area. The project is an output of Northern Governorate Water Facilities Master Plan. This project will aim to provide 24-hour continuous supply to Beit Hanoun Locality and to improve the drinking water quality.

    Tasks Conducted by EMCC

    Carry out the full design for:

    • One Ground Storage Tank (ST-25): The volume of the tank is 4000 m3, located beside the existing tank of Beit Lahia (ST-26) and opposite of El-Nada Towers.
    • 10 Km of water network, which includes the design of new main pipes and replacement of pipes and installation of valves.
    • Rehabilitation and Reconfiguration of nine Water Wells in the Northern Area namely A-185, A-180, C-20, A-210, C-128, C-104, A-205, C-127, C-137.
    • Rehabilitation of four Existing Storage Tanks in the Northern Governorate Namely ST-26 (Um-El-Nasser, 2000 m3), T4 (Beit Hanoun, 205 m3), ST-23 Jabalia Camp 5,000 m3 and T2 East of Jabalia 2,000 m3).
    • Design of about 10 km of Transmission Lines form the above-mentioned wells to storage tank ST-25.
    • Review of the Hydraulic Model of Beit Hanoun Locality.
  • Note: