• Owner: CMWU
  • Location: Gaza strip
  • Duration: 2012-2012
  • Type of Services:

    The main objective of this service contract is to prepare detailed design, bill of quantities, and technical specifications of the proposed projects. The following items represent the main components of the project :

    • Water supply network design for different pipe sizes (225-400) mm in different areas in the Gaza Strip with an estimated total length of about 5km.
    • Design of underground water tank capacity (4000) m3 in BaniSuhaila.
    • Design of ground water tank capacity (4000) m3 in Deir El Balah.
    • Design of Water pumping station with a total flow capacity of 300-600 m3/hr. and head of 40-80m at Bani Suhaila water tank.
    • Design of wastewater network of different pipe sizes (6″ -12″) with an estimated length of about 5Km in Khanyounis
  • Note: