• Owner: Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) with coordination with CMWU
  • Location: Rafah
  • Duration: 2006-2006
  • Type of Services:

    Consultancy Objectives

    The project objective is to provide detail design of the proposed water facilites in Tal El-Sultan Area that contribute continuous supply and storage capacity at Tel El Sultan Zone (Z1). The project considered the design consideration in Rafah Governorate Water Facilities Master Plan. This project will aim to provide 24-hour continuous supply to Tal –El Sultan Zone and to improve the water quality distribution over Tal El-Sultan Zone.

    Tasks Conducted

    Carry out the full design for:

    • Two water pumping stations: PS7 and PS6 with capacity of 555 m3/hr and 320 m3/hr. respectively. The two pumps are located at Tal El Sultan Storage Tank and will serve Tal El Sultan & Lower Western Rafah Area (Pressure one Z1).
    • Study the feasibility of installing small treatment unit at El Hashash Well to solve the Nitrate and Chloride problems using the EDR a/o RO techniques.
    • Two Storage Tanks: Tal El Sultan Storage Tank with volume of 3000 m3 and El Fokhary storage tank with volume of 2000 m3.
    • Water network, which includes the design of new pipes and replacement of pipes and installation of valves.
    • Drilling new two wells in the settlement area (Nadar 24 & 27) wells.
    • Review of the Hydraulic Model of Tal El- Sultan Zone.
    • The project was implemented jointly with CEP
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