• Owner: Ministry of Local Government
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2001-2001
  • Type of Services:

    Tasks Conducted by EMCC :

    • Review the criteria set by the Ministry of Local Government and recommend modifications on it.
    • Review MLG list of sub projects and ensure that they are justifiable for this program.
    • Review for each sub project and comment on it.
    • Review technical specifications, drawings, bill of quantities for each sub project and propose modification to improve the quality of project
    • Review procurement procedures and method and employment generation estimates.
    • Conduct monthly social, environmental and economic audits
    • Conduct weekly site visits to sub projects to monitor progress and quality of work
    • Document status of payment to contractors.
    • Recommend to managers to improve implementation procedures, quality of work and job creation
    • Prepare detailed inception/monthly/completion reports.
    • Monitor prices of materials and works as per quotations by contractors
    • Attended all coordination meetings/workshops called for by MLG.
  • Note: