• Owner: CMWU
  • Location: Gaza
  • Duration: 2012-2012
  • Type of Services:

    Study Elements :

    Component 1: Rehabilitation and Expansion of Water Supply and Sanitation facilities

    Component 2: Utility Capacity Building and Operational Support

    Prior to project appraisal, an environment and social impact assessment (ESIA) should be conducted in order to :

    • ascertain the possible environmental and social impacts of the infrastructural subcomponents;
    • construct an environmental and social management plan (ESMP) to manage, mitigate, and monitor any possible negative impacts during the construction and operational phases of the project;
    • detail the possible environmental and social impacts of the water meter installation, subsequent tariff collection, and system efficiency;
    • assess the capacity of the implementing party to implement the ESMP; and Suggest any capacity building needs necessary to fill gaps.
  • Note: