• Owner: The Service Group, (TSG), USA and Palestine Industrial Estate and Free Zone Authority (PIEFZA)
  • Location: Rafah Industrial Estate
  • Duration: 2000 -2000
  • Type of Services:

    Study Elements :

    • Environmental Scoping Session and statement – that include :
    • A determination of the scope and significance of the issues to be analyzed in the EA.
    • Identification of the issues that are not significant.
    • A description of the timing of the preparation of the environmental analysis.
    • A description of how the analysis will be conducted and the technical disciplines that will be applied in the analysis.
    • Environmental Impact Assessment

    The EIA is based on the scoping statement and addresses :

    • Alternatives, including the proposed industrial estate.
    • Description of the environment affected by the different alternatives, Data and analysis in the EA is commensurate with the impact.
    • Environmental consequences that include potential environmental impacts of the alternatives.
    • Mitigating Measures

    The following are included in this study :

    • Description of the project
    • Analysis of alternatives to the project.
    • Description of the Environmental (Land use are, biophysical and Resources components, economic and social components, cultural, heritage components and health component).
    • Determination of Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures
    • Environmental monitoring and management plan.
  • Note: