• Owner: Innovation Création & Architecture (Grenoble, France)
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2020-2021
  • Type of Services:

    ✓ Definition of Scope of Work, after EQA’s preliminary consultation and requirement

    ✓ Realization of ESIA + delivery of ESIA file /report, including :

    – Project Description and Alternatives including the review of project documents and details

    – Review of Regulatory Standards

    – Baseline Environment (including in-site and off-site components)

    – Environmental and Social Assessment

    – Technical and environmental assessment of solar energy component

    – Development of the ESMP (Environment & Social Management Plan)

    – Monitoring Plan and Institutional SetUp

    ✓ The necessary consultation with the EQA in Gaza, or in Ramallah, as much as needed.

    ✓ Consultation with project stakeholders: Client (PUI), MoTA (Site Owner), AFD (Study Funder).

    ✓ Participation in follow-up meetings or technical study committee meetings in the presence of the client, if needs be.

    ✓ Regular reporting of mission progress to INCA

    ✓ Working meetings with INCA and members of the INCA Consortium

  • Note: