• Owner: Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction (PECDAR)
  • Location: Beit Lahia
  • Duration: 2005-2006
  • Type of Services:

    The main objective of the Information and Communication Tele-center (ICT) was to develop sustainable, replicable models for multi-purpose community Tele-centers in the in Bait Lahia and evaluate the impact of such centers on social, economic and cultural development.

    The objective of this undertaken assignment was: to identify, and to guide the implementation of, a technically feasible, socially acceptable and economically attractive model for the provision of community access to information and communication technologies and services in direct and flexible response to the beneficiaries’ needs. The tasks conducted by EMCC team were:

    • Work with the LGU and local community and local committees
    • Awareness Campaigns and Needs Assessment
    • Local Partners: Identify the potential local partners and negotiate their role, contribution and establish the partnerships
    • Design and implement a business plan for the first 5 years of the Tele-center operation
    • Design & implement a management and financial plan
    • Design & implement a system for mobilizing financial and in-kind cost sharing from the community
    • Design and implement a supervision and maintenance plan for the LGU through the TAC to be able to supervise all aspects of the Tele-center’s operation
    • Define the training needs for the Tele-center’s manager and staff and conduct this training
    • Conduct a promotion campaign to inform the community of the activities to be carried out before and around the opening of the Tele-center
    • Work with the Tele-center manager to: prepare the policies and procedures, prepare the day today operation records, prepare the formats of records, prepare equipment utilization and maintenance plans, identify and establish net working relationships with neigh boring communities
  • Note: