• Owner: USAID & UNDP
  • Location: Wadi Gaza
  • Duration: 2005-2005
  • Type of Services:

    The specific objectives of this final evaluation are to provide answers to the following questions :

    • To what extent has the program achieved its initial purpose of generating employment in the Wadi Gaza area?
    • To what extent were the objectives achieved? Did the intervention reach the target population? Was the project area accessible? Will the project be utilized by the beneficiaries?
    • Which sections of the respective communities have in particular benefited from the project?
    • Was the project output of good quality, and has the infrastructure been maintained?
    • Were the necessary short–term adaptations and responses taken in mid–course to mitigate the problems related to sewage effluent, environmentally sound and technically optimal?
    • How well have the interventions under this project been received by the surrounding communities? Have the communities felt a direct benefit from this project? How, and in which areas, has participation of the community sectors been promoted and made possible during project implementation?
    • Did the project work with NGOs in Gaza? What lessons have been learnt?
    • Describe the relationships between local Community–Based Organizations (CBOs), the municipalities and EQA, and suggest if there are ways in which this can be improved.
  • Note: