• Owner: MDLF- KfW
  • Location: Gaza
  • Duration: 2020-2021
  • Type of Services:

    The local technical expert shall inspect around 10 to 12 sub-projects constructed with German funding under the MDP III.1. The number of sites to cover within three days of field trip in Gaza depends on the complexity of sub-projects and travel logistics. It is also planned to establish a live video connection during some of the site visits for KfW to follow the physical inspection in real time on site. Following tasks are planned:

    1. Preparation (2 ½ days)
      • Get familiarized with the MDP and the sub-projects selected for the final control. For this, the expert will receive the latest progress report of MDP III.1 as well as the tender docs and the technical design, drawings and BoQ of the selected sub-projects to be inspected. The expert will then hold a meeting with the KfW-Team of around 1 hour via videoconference before the field visits.
      • Desk review of the appropriateness, quality and soundness of design, BoQ, technical specifications and compliance with Palestinian or international standards, permits and approvals for each selected sub-project (as preparation for the site visits).
  • Note: