• Owner: RVF
  • Location: Gaza strip
  • Duration: 2022
  • Type of Services:
    1. Each school building will be equipped with a complete desalination system with a capacity of 1 cubic meter/hour. The desalination unit will be located at the roof of the school and will be embraced in a steel container. Two plastic water tanks with a capacity of 2cubic meter each will be provided; one for the brackish water and the second for the desalinated water.
    2. The desalination unit will be provided with a PV power system. The PV system comprises the following:
    3. 6 PV panels with a capacity of 530-600 W.
    4. 5 KW inverter
    5. 4 batteries 200 Ah.
    6. Steel structure
    7. Control panel and cables.

    The PV system will also be connected to the electrical grid so as to supplement the PV    power.

    1. Whenever it seems appropriate, the brackish water will be obtained from the existing water source (the existing water well if any or the Municipal network). In case that there is no water well at the school, and the ground water conditions allow, the project will construct a water well with a capacity of up to 5 cubic meter /hour.
    2. The desalination plant will be connected with the drinking taps. The drinking taps will be renovated to ensure a safe and healthy drinking water system.
    3. The existing stainless steel water tanks will be utilized as part of the desalination system.
  • Note: