• Owner: Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF)
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2021-2023
  • Type of Services:

    The main objective of this assignment is to provide technical support to the Municipalities for the implementation of Component 6 sub-projects for sub-component 1 Operations and Maintenance Sub-Projects of labor-intensive with their allocation for subcomponent-6.a Emergency labor-intensive Municipal Services.

    This technical support and assistance will include on-the-job training and full responsibility for implementing all tasks and activities in close collaboration and coordination with the MDLF.

    The Specific objectives of the assignment are:

    • Project implementation and supervision: assist municipalities in the supervision of sub-project implementation including reporting on progress on implementation including reporting on the implementation of each subproject SLRM, monitoring of indicators, and compliance with the standards as delineated by the MDLF related manuals.
    • Ensuring compliance with technical, environmental, social, and fiduciary aspects, monitors and provide guidance to municipalities on technical, environmental, social, and fiduciary aspects of the sub-projects preparation and implementation to ensure compliance with MDLF’s procurement manual, financial, environmental, and social framework (ESMF) including LALPF.
    • Ensuring the implementation of the occupational health and safety measures proportional to the site-specific risks. As well, as complying with MoH/WHO guidelines regarding COVID-19.
  • Note: