• Owner: Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF)
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2020-2022
  • Type of Services:

    In each target Municipality Gaza, North and Part of Middle area governorates (see list in Annex AI), the Local Technical Consultant (LTC) will work with the Municipality, in coordination with and under the supervision of the Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF), in accordance with the technical details presented in MDLF’s Operations Manual (POM) and the signed contract. The assistant will be for submitted projects and for those will be submitted later for municipality’s allocations and/or from savings of municipalities’ allocation and includes also municipality contribution (if there is) with MDLF allocation i.e the assistant will cover the municipality’s allocations and municipalities contributions in the submitted projects.

    The assignment consists of two (2) stages: (1) project planning and design; and (2) project implementation and supervision. The LTC team of specialists is expected to support targeted Municipalities throughout the design and supervision stages and during implementation of infrastructure projects under the project.

  • Note: