• Owner: Qatar Charity
  • Location: Gaza strip
  • Duration: 2006-2009
  • Type of Services:

    Follow–up and reporting of Qatar Charity Projects implemented by Qatar Charity in Gaza Strip:

    • Building projects such Mosques, Schools, NGOs, and Universities.
    • Accommodate buildings for special needs people.
    • Furnishing and supplying of equipment for schools and colleges.
    • Needs, assessment, and supervision of shelters rehabilitation project.
    • Supply of equipment and medical supplies for hospitals in Gaza Strip.
    • Linking schools’ wastewater networks to the main pipeline system.
    • Supply of drinking water for UNRWA schools in Gaza Strip.
    • Supply of tools and equipment for Universities and colleges.
    • Charitable activities (orphans support, support of needy families, distribution of food parcels, distribution of sacrifices,
    • Management of Microfinance Programs
  • Note: