• Owner: Municipalities in Gaza Middle Areas
  • Location: Middle Area in Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2003-2003
  • Type of Services:

    The primary objective of the consulting assignment is to prepare new organizational structures for the Municipalities of Al–Nusairat, Al–Magahazi, Al–Bureij and Al–Zawayda, in Gaza Middle Areas.

    • Assessing municipal organizational arrangements and service provision via municipal service evaluation forms designed.
    • Assessing the municipal legal framework.
    • Preparing current organizational structures as actually followed by staff of the four municipalities.
    • Preparing the project’s inception report and staff detailed methodology and work plan.
    • Formulating detailed municipal department / section duties, and detailed staff job descriptions, which also include performance indicators, reporting requirements, and staff requirements.
    • Editing proposed organizational structures, in line with municipal mandate, and according to enhancements to municipal service levels.
    • Production of project’s final report (English and Arabic), progress reports and other submittals.
  • Note: