• Owner: Common Service Council and PWA.
  • Location: Northern Area
  • Duration: 2001-2001
  • Type of Services:

    Operational Support of Common Service Council for Water and Wastewater Management in Northern Area. The scope of work includes :

    • Assisting and advising in the day to day operation and maintenance activities. Developing methods and providing input for the achievement of improved operation and maintenance performance.
    • Strengthening and enhancing the skills and attitudes of staff in the work planning and implementation. Analyzing training requirements and preparing a training program.
    • Developing operation and maintenance records to enable operation and maintenance work to be planned and implemented. Developing a systematic approach to maintenance planning and execution.
    • Developing safety procedures, improving safety conditions, advising in procurement of safety equipment and the proper use and storage of the same.
    • Developing reporting systems within the Unit and the Council.
    • Reviewing priority requirements for tools and equipment, preparing specifications and procurement documentation, all within the framework of available financing
  • Note: