• Owner: GIZ & U.P.W.S.P (Union of Palestine Water Services Providers)
  • Location: Rafah City
  • Duration: 2020-2021
  • Type of Services:

    UNDP pumping station is located at western part of Rafah City and serve the UNDP housing project. The plant – constructed in 2013- serves now about 2000 inhabitants with an estimated sewage production of 47000m3/Year according to the latest readings of total pumping hours. According to these readings the average operation hours of each pump are 16.8 and 20.36 hours/month respectively.

    The total plant pumping capacity is about 210m3/hour based on the field measurement flow rate readings at normal operating conditions for the two pumps. The two pumps are similar, one is in duty and the other is standby. The discharge point is an energy breaker manhole (25.95 ground level) and connected with the pump station by UPVC pressure pipe line 350m long and 225mm Diam.

    The plant is operated automatically – there is no resident operator. Start up and shut down of pumps are controlled by the low and high levels floats.

    The rated power of each pump is 7.5KW. Only one pump is in operation. The main power supply is the PV solar system which is an off- grid system consists of 26.4 KW PV modules. The plant is also equipped with stand-by generator of 65KV/52KW capacity. The plant is not connected to GEDCO grid.

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