• Owner: CMWU
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2012-2012
  • Type of Services:

    The main objective of this assignment was to provide technical assistance and support to the CMWU in developing and institutionalizing their strategic plan. The main objective can be achieved by the following sub-objectives :

    • Identifying the organizational arrangements within the CMWU to guide the planning process.
    • Identifying stakeholders in the general context, and preparing a diagnosis of the services and development arenas.
    • Establishing an arrangement for the participants in the planning process.
    • Establishing a shared vision.
    • Identifying the tasks for the participants to start the planning process.
    • Identifying the current situation.
    • Developing CMWU strategic framework (vision and objectives).
    • Setting Implementation and Monitoring plans and tools.
    • Financial aspects (tariff practice).
  • Note: