• Owner: UNDP
  • Location: Khan Younis WWTP
  • Duration: 2020-2021
  • Type of Services:

    The TOR has defined the required tasks that will be achieved during the course of the assignment as well as all other duties set out in the RFP, and under the direct supervision of the UNDP, and in full coordination with all partners including PENRA and GEDCO, statutory bodies, concerned authorities, the consultant will be responsible for following:

    • The consultant will cover all activities necessary to accomplish the stated objectives of these services while adhering to best practices of the profession, whether or not a specific activity is cited in this TOR. The consultant will be responsible for securing the consultancy services as required by the contracts during the assignment periods.
    • The consultant will carry out and provide all professional works and services and apply all professional knowledge, skills, tools, software, and techniques required to effectively perform the detailed design and the technical assistance during the construction, commissioning and handing over stages in accordance with globally recognized standard of profession and engineering procedures that are generally recognized as good practice.
    • The consultant will carry out all necessary and required communications and coordination with all partners to have all needed data, information, licensees, approvals, etc. and realize all factors that might affect the design and facilitate proper implementation of the construction works.
    • The consultant will perform and prepare a complete detailed design for an extendable and phased PV solar energy system for KY WWTP by utilizing most advanced, appropriate, cost effective and efficient technology. The detailed design will be the basis for the contractors’ tenders and shall include all the necessary information and details for the precise construction and operation of the solar energy system for KY WWTP.
  • Note: