• Owner: Municipal Development and Lending Fund (MDLF)
  • Location: Middle Area and Rafah Governorates – Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2016-2017
  • Type of Services:

    The assignment utilized and referred to the project’s Feasibility Study and Detailed Design and the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) conducted in 2012, and considered the standard design elements for both siting and detailed design of respective transfer stations, in addition to any specific requirement that may arise by the operator, including the following :

    • Ensuring safe and efficient traffic flow of Solid Waste trucks and haulers into and out of the facility
    • Ensuring safe and efficient unloading of collection trucks and loading of transfer trucks
    • Leachate control and isolation considering zero pollution policy
    • Providing storage capacity of solid waste in accordance with the Feasibility Study and JSC-KRM requirements.
    • Considering adequate ventilation and control of nuisance, odor and dust
    • Administrative facility and staff accommodation area.
    • Fencing, gates, control facilities, and weighbridge, to secure the site and enable performance monitoring of all incoming and outgoing collection vehicles and outgoing transfer vehicles.
    • Drainage and sanitation facilities, including separate and isolated leachate collection and handling.
  • Note: