• Owner: Qatar Red Crescent (QRC)
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2008 – 2016
  • Type of Services:

    The following is a list of Medical related Projects :

    • Establishment of Neurosurgery Department – European Hospital – Gaza.
    • Damage Rehabilitation for MOH hospitals and medical centers.
    • Structural Rehabilitation and supply of equipments for Al Quds Hospital – Gaza.

    The following is a list of Water and Waste Water Projects :

    • Preparation of RO water desalination unit – Artificial Kidney Department – Al Shifa.
    • Construction of Wastewater network in Khanyounis city as well as in Tal Al Hawa and Al Shiekh Ejleen in Gaza city.
    • Improvement of Water and Wastewater Services in Gaza Strip, this project includes :
    • Construction of Pumping Station and carrier line in Rafah Area.
    • Construction of Electricity networks to operate Rafah and Khanyounis Wells.
    • Construction of wastewater network in Khanyounis.
    • Installation of domestic fittings all over Gaza strip governorates.
    • Drilling Wells and improvement of drinking water quality in Deir Al Balah and Khanyounis this project includes :
    • Mechanical maintenance of desalination plants in Deir Al Balah and Khanyounis.
    • Drilling of Al Maghazi and Khanyounis Wells.
    • Supply of disinfectants and special treatment solutions for drinking water in Gaza Strip under CMWU supervision.
    • Rehabilitation of infrastructure damages in Gaza city and Beit Lahia.
    • Drilling and construction of Al Thawra and Palestine Wells, and maintenance of two existing wells in Al Shate’e Camp.
    • Maintenance of Water Wells and partial parts of wastewater networks in Gaza strip, this project includes :
    • Rehabilitation and construction of wastewater networks in Rafah, Middle Area and North Area.
    • Drilling and Construction of Al Marwa and Khadeja Wells.
    • Drilling and Construction of Al Omary wells and maintenance of Ghaben and Al Atatra Wells.
    • Operation of Al Thouhairat well.

    Tasks Conducted by EMCC :

    • Prepare Proposals, Implementation Plans, and reports about local conditions.
    • Evaluate proposals submitted by institutions for new projects.
    • Follow–up the implementation progress.
    • Prepare monthly reports for projects implemented by each institution.
  • Note: