• Owner: Palestinian Red Crescent Society
  • Location: Gaza
  • Duration: 2011-2012
  • Type of Services:

    Reconstruction and the redevelopment of Al-Quds hospital including an overall assessment and a precise evaluation of the repair work of the (Technical Unit) part under the Cultural Center of the PRCS building.

    Tasks of Consultant:

    • Surveying the physical damages and confirming the viability of the building,
    • Appraise the physical work to be done to restore the functionality of the technical unit, including utilities (water, energy, drainage, etc.),
    • Defining the preliminary programming, including bill of quantities and work schedule,
    • Appraising the rehabilitation costs of the technical unit,
    • Proposing a tender document for the civil work and a list of companies which are capable to carry out the construction site;
    • Propose an implementation and financing mechanism (tendering process, financing, supervision…) for the total rehabilitation works,
    • Providing information regarding the conditions of supply of the materials needed to implement the works,
    • Preparing the final report.
  • Note: