• Owner: Solid Waste Management Council (SWMC) & GTZ – Germany.
  • Location: Dier El–Balah
  • Duration: 1998-1999
  • Type of Services:

    Construction Of Leachate Storage Pond

    • Excavation of the pond
    • Placing a layer of sand (10cm) on all surfaces
    • Lining the pond by means of a geo–membrane (HDPE,2.0mm)
    • Installation of concrete slabs to protect the membrane
    • Construction of retaining walls (gabions and reinforced concrete)

    Extension Of Pump House

    • Excavation and earth works for extension, limited access, manual work required) – Concrete and reinforced concrete works (ground slab, columns beams etc.)
    • Roof made from corrugated steel sheets
  • Note: