• Owner: Agricultural Development Association (PARC)
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration:
  • Type of Services:

    The consultant, together with the PARC project team, Um El Nasser Municipality and the direct beneficiaries evaluated the established Communal Rainwater Harvesting and Infiltration Unit in Um Al Nasser village, the evaluation include:

    1. Reviewing the design calculations (hydrological and others) and drawings of the unit in order to reassess its storage capacity, ability to handle potential severe rainwater storms as stated in the design calculation sheets (any lab tests cost should be covered by consultant). This may include assessment of the infiltration speed of rainwater at times of severe storms.
    2. Reviewing the design drawings and technical documents (BoQs, specifications) to assess the quality of the designed unit and its endurance. .
    3. Evaluating the established unit in terms of its quality and compliance with the amounts and specifications listed in the designs and drawings.
    4. Assessing the overall ability of the unit as established to achieve the related indicators.
    5. Suggest modifications and improvements to the design to help the unit achieve its objectives/indicators and if possible increase its rainwater harvesting and infiltration capacity and decreasing any potential nuisances to the surrounding areas.
    6. Suggesting best management practices that the municipality need to undertake so the unit is maintained and kept functioning optimally.
    7. Develop a design for a solar system sufficient to operate the water recovery well in the CRWHIU pond.
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