• Owner: World Bank
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2005-2005
  • Type of Services:

    The evaluation assessed the project components, approaches, themes and methodology by evaluating the progress made against stated intermediate results, assessed the implementation process, and highlighted areas for increased efficiency, effectiveness relevancy, sustainability and cost effectiveness. More specifically, the objectives of the evaluation were the following :

    1. Evaluate technically a sample of the projects that had been implemented by the ICDP program to see whether these projects were executed according to plan, if the specifications were followed during the implementation and to assess the quality of the work.
    2. Evaluate the impact of sample projects on the environment physically, biologically and the effect of these projects on the socio-economic environment of local communities.
    3. Evaluate the socio-economic impact of the sample project on the local communities by evaluating the degree of the participation of the local community in the different cycle of the projects, their satisfaction from the project and the institutional impact of the project on the LGU and the local community and any other effects.
  • Note: