• Owner: Directorate of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture, Gaza
  • Location: Gaza
  • Duration: 2001-2001
  • Type of Services:

    Study Components

    The study covered the following areas

    1. Mission and Goals
    • Current Mission and Goals, Current problems associated with Mission and Goals, Recommendations for improving DoF’s Mission
      1. Management
    • Current Management Structure and Practices, Current problems associated With management, Recommendations for better DoF management
      1. Training
    • Current training status at DoF, Current problems associated with training, Recommendations for improving training plans, Training program details, Training program schedule
      1. Responsibilities and Duties,
    • Current responsibilities and duties, Current problems in understanding and implementation, Recommendations for improving performance
      1. Financial Management
    • Current financial procedures, Financial structure, Financial activities of DoF, Revolving fund, DoF’s budget, Income generated at DoF, Danish project assets
      1. General recommendations for improvement
      2. Administration and management, Financial management
  • Note: