• Owner: NDC
  • Location: Gaza Strip
  • Duration: 2012-2012
  • Type of Services:

    The objective of this assignment was to test the revised Code OCAT on a diversified pool of NGOs in Gaza Strip. The testing sample (7 NGOs in Gaza) was predefined and includes NGOs from different sizes and locations.

    The main tasks included :

    • To verify the accuracy of the self-rating conducted by each NGO through the review of the self-assessment, the conduct of field visits to each NGO and documents review.
    • Identify any difficulties faced by the NGOs and/or by the consultant in using the tool.
    • Identify the status of all rated NGOs in terms of ability to understand the tool. Based on this, recommend any necessary modifications to the tool and its indicators to address any identified difficulties and allow the capturing of the needs of the different sizes of the NGOs.
    • Suggestions for a separate tool for different sizes of organizations, possible minimum/maximum ranges of scores for the different categories and/or for different sizes of NGOs.
    • Give the NGO a rating based on the result of the validation, and
    • Identify areas for improving the capacity of the NGO in meeting the indicators in the Rating Tool in accordance with its size and preparing a capacity building plan.
    • Produce final Evaluation report that will include suggestions, recommendations and any required modifications to the Rating Tool, the self-assessment and the rating processes.
  • Note: