• Owner: GIZ + PalTrade
  • Location: Gaza
  • Duration: 2021-2022
  • Type of Services:
    1. Hold preparatory meetings with GIZ and Pal Trade to better understand the objectives and expectations of the assignment.
    1. Design the project action plan and its sub tasks
    1. Participate in the selection of shortlisted companies and freelancers (Graduates).
    2. Implement the training program to the highest achievable standards.
    3. Provide the following for each training course:
      1. List of participants
      2. Agenda (Course outline)
      3. Training Material
    1. Provide monitoring and quality control for the taught materials and the process of delivery.
    2. Conduct pre and post training evaluation to measure the outcomes of the project.
    1. Develop the Final Report, including all implemented tasks, overall recommendations, list of potential beneficiaries for outsourcing program.
  • Note: